Thursday, May 15, 2008

OT: Binghamton Mets

Tuesday, I had the privledge to take a trip down to Binghamton to take in the Double-A Eastern League game between the Binghamton Mets and New Britain (Minnesota's affiliate). I have to say, the couple times I have been there, it has been a great experience.

The biggest thing of note is that it was nice being able to watch a scoreboard that was used well and very clear. Pretty much all action, in-game and between innings, it was used. This is a big difference from Syracuse, as we all know that the scoreboard is the biggest downfall at Alliance Bank Stadium.

The promotions were a lot more fan friendly, too. It felt like a lot more was being done to increase the fan experience. It was also buy one get one day on all beverages, including beer. Unlike Auburn's Dollar Thursdays, this didn't have too much of a bar atmosphere for the decent discount on alcohol there was.

The fan friendly experience also goes out into the parking lot, which thankfully I didn't have to use. This is the fact that if there is a rainout, not only do you get the normal ticket raincheck, you also get a PARKING RAINCHECK. I mean, when I read that on the back of my parking stub, I was amazed. We all know how often we lose that $3 at ABS thanks to a rainout and the lack of a policy like that in Syracuse.

Overall, I suggest to anyone who loves having a good time at a game, to head out to NYSEG Stadium in Binghamton for a B-Mets game. It's a great stadium, very well ran in what seems like all facets, and a great value for your money.

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Baseball Diva said...

A long time ago, I used to use the experiences I had at MacArthur Stadium serve as my benchmarks for evaluating other ballparks. After that stadium fell and the new one was built in Syracuse, I gave up. Years later someone introduced me to the B-Mets.

From day one I have been blown away by what a great fan experience this team provides, and over the past decade they have just continued to get better and better at it.

There is an infectious sense of fun at the Binghamton ballpark, something I have praised repeatedly in my own blog (, while giving a repeatedly thumbs down on the experience in Syracuse.

If Syracuse should land the Mets' PD contract, they will need to step up the enjoyment and fan-friendliness if they want to win over the fans that will begin making the trek from Binghamton to Syracuse to follow the boys of summer up the minor league rungs.